Hi, my name is Angela and I live in sunny Tasmania, a state in Australia.  
  Maigrey Kittens has details of the kittens that are available for adoption.  On the Girls page there is information about the girls including  breeding queens, retired queens and the pets.  Same thing on the Boys page.  

The kitten in the back ground photo is Tangerine Doll

All my kittens and cats are raised in the house and the adults return inside on a roster system when there are no little kittens inside.  I have a large outdoors pen system.  That will be undergoing more extensions as time passes quickly by me.  So stay tunned I’m sure Ill get around to putting photos of the upgrades as they happen.

 All parts of this web site and photographs were put together by Angela, don’t re-use them without prior permission from Ange.